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Newcastle Burlesque Festival Shimmying to You September 2024


Coming to you from the heart of Newcastle upon Tyne, we will be presenting a heady concoction of online and live Burlesque entertainment right in the best party city of the UK


In September 2024, Newcastle upon Tyne is set to have its second ever Burlesque Festival. Taking place in various venues throughout city and online with zoom software with seven shows over the course of four nights, it will be a celebration of everything Burlesque.


Lovingly produced by Trixie Blue, Principal Enchantress at House of Trixie Blue, this festival combines home-grown local talent with sparkly international headliners to showcase Burlesque’s diverse and transgressive dichotomy.


There is a veritable array of talent on show for our celebration of all things Burlesque, and all things Newcastle upon Tyne. Make sure you put the following in your calendar:


25/09/2024 - The Periwinkle Pussycat Online Show - Our long running online show comes to Newcastle Burlesque Festival. We are opening the festival with live acts from performers around the world from the comfort of your own homes.

26/09/2024  - The North East Burlesque Celebration - Black Swan  - Our first live show of the festival. Thursday Night is Troupe Night! A jampacked night to celebrate the Burlesque troupes based within the North East of England.

27/09/2024 - National Treasures -Black Swan - Friday showcases our out-of-town performers that include international headliners and multi-award winners in the art of Burlesque.

27/09/2024 - X-rated Late Night Show - Prohibition Cabaret Bar - Our special X-rated late-night show features thought-provoking, sensual, and boundary-pushing acts - this is not for the fainthearted!

28/09/2024 - The Burlesque Extravaganza - Black Swan - Saturday is our big festival extravaganza, featuring some top international headliners gracing our Toon stages.

28/09/2024 - The Big Blue Birthday Burlesque-e-oke - Prohibition Cabaret Bar - Celebrating the birth of that there Trixie Blue, Join us for a SPECIAL night of Burlesque & Karaoke, where the Burlesque performers improvise to the dulcet tones of audience members. A night to celebrate Trixie turning 40 years young.

29/09/2024 - Local Superstars - Black Swan - Our final show will be filled with amazing talented local performers, closing the celebrations in true North East Burlesque style.



Tickets for the show will go on sale soon and will be available to purchase from

Quote from Festival producer, Kristi (Trixie Blue)

"After the absolutely bonkers and brilliant first Newcastle Burlesque Festival in 2022, I am so excited to produce the second Newcastle Burlesque Festival. The idea was sparkling around my head since 2012, and now it is time to shine. The North East holds a treasure trove of Burlesque goodness, and this festival aims to bring together local and international talent."


About House of Trixie Blue

Established 2006 as a music tuition company, House of Trixie Blue is an enterprise of entertainment, specialising in the art of Burlesque.

We love Burlesque, and the positivity it encompasses so very much, that we have opened our doors to everyone aged 18+ to get involved with Burlesque however they see fit.

Whether is it to attend our studio or online Burlesque classes, book international performers for your show or perhaps attend one of our online/live shows (always book as soon as possible, as we sell out!), there is always something for everyone under our roof. Our approachable and enthusiastic nature creates the foundation of our business, in which we strive to maintain an ethos as an accessible and inclusive Burlesque entertainment company. Blue is not just a colour; it is a lifestyle.


About our producer Trixie Blue

International multi-award-winning Burlesque Enchantress, some of her many awards include:

Queen of Neo Burlesque 2018 at the Croatian Burlesque & Cabaret Festival

Bohemian Princess 2017 at the Bohemian Burlesque Festival Prague & 2016

1st Runner up title at the British Crown

Trixie Blue is highly acclaimed for her seductive prowess and jaw dropping performances, captivating audiences for over 14 years.

Her repertoire showcases the beauty and debauchery of Burlesque’s transgressive form, from fierce seduction in Trixie’s interpretation of Fran from the film Strictly Ballroom to her playful, sensual striptease acts.

Not only this, but Trixie is also an established compere and show producer, hosting shows throughout the UK and online. Her academic prose, quick wit and terrible dating stories leaves audiences giggling in their boots.

Trixie is a PGCE qualified teacher, with a Master of Research degree specialising in Burlesque, and undertook a PhD titled: “Traditions of Nostalgic Femininity within the Burlesque Subculture”. Not only this, but she also has extensive qualifications within performing arts and fitness, and uses her theoretical and practical knowledge - along with her infectious enthusiasm - to deliver a Burlesque experience you will never forget






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