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We want you to have the BEST time with us at Newcastle Burlesque Festival. Here are some Frequently Asked Questions to hopefully help do just that. 

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Newcastle Burlesque Festival 2024    

Event FAQ’s

What should I wear?
This one is simple. Whatever makes you feel utterly Faaaabbbbuuuullous Darling! This could be your most daring burlesque costume or the outfit that makes you feel like the best version of yourself. Whatever you wear, OWN IT!! (failing that, a smart top, trousers and a cheeky smile will do).

What should I bring?
A big smile, engaging energy and most importantly, your pennies. Take it from me it is incredibly thirsty work cheering on all those phenomenal performers, so you will definitely deserve a refreshing beverage from the well-stocked bar!

We will also have some fabulous goodies available at our True Blue store. Our details can be found below If you would like to sneak a peek or pre order! OOOOOOHHHHH EEERRRRR!

How old do I need to be for your shows?
All our burlesque shows are for audiences aged 18+

What to expect at shows?

We work very hard to produce the most fantastic shows for both our performers and audience members. Due to the nature of the show you can expect elements of nudity and You better believe you will have the time of your life! With lots of fun to be had, we actively encourage audience participation so you best get practicing those OOOOOOOHHHH’SSS, WHOOOOOPS and CHEEEERRRSSS.

Can I take photos & Videos?

We want you to immerse yourself in live entertainment, and to be present during all of the wonderful performances we have on offer. So guess what?? We have that covered too, we have a professional photographer/ videographer to capture these special moments for you. YOU ARE WELCOME!

Where are my tickets for the show?
Each event within the Newcastle Burlesque Festival will be managed/ ticketed separately. If you would like to attend more than one event (and we flippin hope you do!) then you will need to purchase tickets per event. The tickets will feature in your sparkly WeGotTickets confirmation email or you can access them on your WeGotTickets account – Convenient to keep them all in one place…. AGAIN, YOU ARE SO WELCOME!!​

Do we need to print out the tickets?
Let’s save the planet, no you don’t. Just say the name the ticket is booked under on the door or show your tickets on your phone and Bobs ya uncle.

I can no longer attend, what should I do next? 
Awwww It’s a shame that you can no longer attend but it would be super rad if you could do the either of the following:

Offer your ticket to a friend and change the name (or get them to say the booked under name on the door) by emailing 

All sales are final - tickets are non refundable/transferable 

I/my friend can no longer attend the event but I/my friend is still coming and wants to take someone else, can they do this?
Yes sure, just say the name the tickets are booked under on the door.​

When do the tickets come off sale?
This is subject to change for each show, so please keep an eye on the event for updated information (subject to change).

Can I get a refund?
All sales are final - tickets are non refundable/transferable 

What happens if the tickets sell out?
To remain as accessible, inclusive and fair, we have enabled the waitlist feature on WeGotTickets (huzzah for technology).  Once tickets are sold out, the ticket page will ask you if you want to be added to the waiting list.
Next, choose the option to be added to the waiting list (only for the show that's on sale, it doesn't waitlist you for the dates within the festival). If a ticket becomes available, you will be notified automatically via email. It will be first come, first served to claim your ticket.
We strongly advise all members of your party are added to the waiting list.  
The waiting list will run up until the times stated within the event (subject to change)
If tickets become available after then, we will announce their availability in the Facebook event and how to claim.

​How long is the waiting list?
Size doesn't matter when it comes to our waiting list, it's that “how long is a piece of string” scenario for our waiting list I’m afraid folks. It is due to various factors (people before you might not take their space etc) we don’t advise when a space might be available. We do, however, automatically notify you via email as soon as a space becomes available so you can book it via the WeGotTickets system. Fingers and toes crossed my fellow burlesque babes.
If it is close to the event, the process may change a little but will be fully addressed in the Facebook Event for the show.  Please make sure to pop along to House of Trixie Blue & Newcastle Burlesque Festival, like our page, head to the events tab and click 'Interested' on the event to receive event notifications. Thanks.​


What happens if you have tickets available on the night and I/we wanna come and have some fun?
If we have tickets available, we will make it known in the Facebook event for the nominated show ASAP. It might be close to showtime but we will do our very best to manage it. Thanks for your understanding. 


Newcastle Burlesque Festival - The Perwinkle Pussycat Zoom FAQ by Tech Support Ruby L'amour

Can I have the chat open and see the video at the same time? 

Yes! When you select the chat option, it will open in a separate window or on the side of the screen. This may differ if on a mobile phone/tablet due to the size of the screen, so you may need to minimise when watching the show. 

How can I mute/unmute myself? 

At the bottom of your screen (computer or phone/tablet), you will see a microphone icon – click that to mute yourself. The host will mute you during the show so we can all enjoy the fun of the performers but you’ll get your chance to cheer!  

How can I turn my video on/off? 

At the bottom of your screen (computer or phone/tablet), you will see a camera icon – click that to turn your camera on/off. 

I can’t hear the host/acts 

This will be due to the settings on your device – make sure you haven’t got zoom muted and your volume is turned up. 

My video keeps freezing 

This may be due to your internet speed unfortunately! Make sure you haven’t got loads of things running in the background that need the internet and may make the video stop freezing. 

How can I see other people in the meeting room? 

In the top right-hand corner of your screen, you’ll see 4 squares/grid view – this will allow you to see everyone in the room! If you’re on a mobile phone/tablet, this might be different – you might be able to see the change view option or may need to swipe left/right (not like tinder!) to see everyone. 

How can I message just one person at the show? 

When you’re on the chat, you’ll see an option of who to send you message to. There’ll be a drop down of everyone present so you can send a private message or choose ‘everyone’ to send a message to all of the audience.


Trixie isn’t responding to my message and I want to ask about something to do with the show 

She’s a busy bunny producing the show at the moment and supporting our performers, I can answer some queries, so message me directly. Alternatively, if you don’t need an answer right now, pop Ms Blue an email/message on Facebook and she’ll get back to you when she can. 

How can I connect Zoom to my telly? 

It depends on your device, you’re best checking with my bestie, Google! 


Thank you so much for reading. If your question wasn't answered, please feel free to contact Newcastle Burlesque Festival directly.


See you at the Newcastle Burlesque Festival!  Let’s make it a festival to remember.


Love & Shimmies

Trixie Blue

From House of Trixie Blue

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